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Friday, February 15, 2008

The blog is not dead....

Just in case you may have thought that I have abandoned this blog.... I haven't (yet). However I am extremely busy with many things at the moment which won't allow me time to post cartoons for another month or so.... I am moving at the end of the month, trying to get another fitness certification, etc etc etc.

So for now, here's something that's almost as funny as a cartoon.... Corporate illiteracy.

One thing I find inherently amusing is poor spelling. It's just such a basic necessity for communication yet so many individuals couldn't care less if they spell correctly. It's even better w
hen the same ignorance passes several levels undetected. I have even seen misspelled words on civil signage... nice....

Here's a company I wouldn't have to think twice about investing in. This ad was in rotation on one of Microsoft's solution database pages. The fact that a word was initially misspelled is a small issue.

The fact that it went through the graphic artist who created the ad and remained misspelled mak
es it even better.

The fact that management OK'd it to be forwarded to the web page..... better even still.

The fact that it is being rotated to millions upon millions of potential clients on the web... priceless.

I'd rely on this company to solve all my promblems too.


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